Like WPF – and this MVVM Tutorial

It’s been a while since a last posted, but as with any new love there’s always an intense honeymoon period when you can’t keep your hands off! In my case, it’s WPF – a new toy that is ticking all the right boxes for a GUI nut like me.

The initial buzz soon wore off when I realised that you shouldn’t really try to write WPF apps like you did with Winforms – and then the real fun started as I rapidly scaled the learning curves of styling, databinding, MVVM and MEF.

One resource that really helped switch my brain over from old-school winforms was a video by Jason Dollinger over at Lab49 :

The video starts with a “badly written” WPF app (i.e. WPF written as if it was winforms) and then, over the course of 90 minutes, Jason  gently refactors it towards a slick, high-performance MVVM implementation.


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